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The Trail of Stone and Sorrow

The Trail of Stone and Sorrow

Trail of Stone and Sorrow
An Adventure For Neoclassical Geek Revival and OSR Adventure Games

In a sleepy little village located in one of many sleepy alpine valleys, a growing fear has begun spreading among the populace. A young boy gathering tinder from the pines on the mountainside stumbled upon a stone statue of a bear. Fetching his parents, there was no doubt that it must be a bear turned to stone. Speaking to the men in the village, worry grew when no one had seen anyone from the Kosovel's farmstead at yesterday's market and a wandering merchant had mentioned to the alewife that he had seen a statue of a cow on his ride into town yesterday. 


Booklet - 8pgs
Size: 5.5x7.5
Stock: #80 Gloss Text  

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