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Shadows of Forgotten Kings - Digital

Shadows of Forgotten Kings - Digital

The villages on the edge of the jungle used to be wealthy: they gathered fruits and exotic hardwoods from within the jungle and sold them as wines and furniture to regular merchant caravans in exchange for grains and other staples.  But caravans do not make it through anymore.

A handful of tattered survivors have made it back to the city and reported being assaulted by wave after wave of panthers that would attack, retreat, and attack again in replenished numbers. The merchant houses want their lucrative route back. The villages need grain and supplies; their people cannot live forever scavenging fruit and huddling by their hearths in fear every night.

Tales lead deeper into the jungle - to the ruins of an ancient empire fallen to a terrible curse.


The people of the village of Koah Khe live on the outskirts of the jungle because they know, through proximity and ancient folk wisdom, that the jungle itself is cursed.

Digital PDF - 36pgs

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