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NGR - Content Guide

NGR - Content Guide

Zzarchov's Content Guide is a quick and easy way to get a game running, and keep it running.  With recommendations for backgrounds, enviroments, encounters, traps and more, your players will be on the edge of their seats; unless you are a terrible DM that is. 

This book is meant to be a set of premade content that you could have created on your own using  the rules contained in the main book but didn’t because you don’t give enough of a fuck. Focusing on what equipment is available in your campaign’s starting town and thinking about who all the local personalities are can help ensure your campaign is grounded and feels like a real place. If you only plan to play for three or four sessions then you might want to have a couple of cookie cutter shops and some local denizens who came  straight out of central casting. That is more than fine; time is a precious resource and there is nothing wrong with being careful on what you spend on it on.  

This book is designed to give your players a great time, while having to minimally expend your own.

Book - 216 pages
Size: 6x9
Stock: 60lbs Offset

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