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Gnomes of Levnec

Gnomes of Levnec

The Gnomes of Levnec is an adventure about the fate of an empire and the byzantine machinations of a court that no longer has a monarch.


Just kidding, it's about Gnomes.   Meant for low-level characters.

In the village of Levnec, a self-appointed lord has been looking to hire some transient sellswords to solve his problem. Some of the townsfolk are (repeatedly) going missing and others are refusing to work, even after 'examples' were beaten and hobbled by his men. Seeing as the townsfolk are blaming the local Gnomes,  he would simply like these drifters to saunter into the wood, murder some Gnomes, and bring them back to show the townsfolk there is nothing to fear (except him) and to get back to work. 

Booklet - 16 pgs
Size: 5.5x7.5
Stock: #80 Gloss Text

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