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City of Tears - Digital

City of Tears - Digital

Deep in the desert of endless sands rests a grove of rocky outcroppings overlooking a landlocked sea that shrinks each year. Its water is briny to the point that no life exists on or between its shores. But this Salted Sea stretches far across the endless sands and those who sail upon it can fast reach the jungle lands beyond. Because of the strategic value in shortening the trips between the City of Splendours to the north and the Great Library in the City of Mud to the south, there exists a city nestled in the rocky groves overlooking the shore of the Salted Sea. This is the City of Tears, sustained by a single water source.


City of Tears is a desert themed dungeon adventure for Neoclassical Geek Revival. It is set in the burned out basement of the Sultan's palace after a plague killed the entire population of the titular City of Tears. Now bandits and scavengers camp outside the gates and the haunted lower levels of the Sultan's palace are the last source of valuables.


This adventure also features enough details of the surrounding area that it would be a great start to a new campaign. It features art by the talented Jez Gordon, maps by Dyson Logos, and layout by Jensen Toperzer.

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