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A Thousand Dead Babies - Digital

A Thousand Dead Babies - Digital

Not as bad as it sounds, still worse than something you would play with your kids.


You've been warned.


A Low-Level Adventure for Neoclassical Geek Revival and OSR Adventure Games
Recently tales of demon worship and witchcraft have begun to flourish, leading a
young and inexperienced priest to enter a panic in the town.

The town is at a crossroads and the players can influence what happens to the very souls of the town’s inhabitants. Will they let the witches and warlocks rule the night? Crush the pagans once and for all? Overthrow the oppressive Holy Church or perhaps just keep everyone from killing each other and hopefully get along? The answer is probably whichever one occurs as a side effect of stripping the place of everything valuable that isn’t nailed down. 

Digital PDF - 22 pgs

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